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total freedom - total creativity -hallmarks of the new age

hello fellow beans 🙃

seeming sensible?(FORGET POLITICS) welcome to the 'politic'

please take time to listen and consider, something new 🤔

an introduction ... 🙃

changing the world - now!

positive action

action, brings change.

the actions required to effect personal evolution, and a global revolution, through the extinguishing of global "politics", bring permanent change, are simple ones.

the goal of this new 'global politic party' is to unite, 'all' like minded individuals & groups  around the world, into a dominant force of 'freewill', harmony and 'love'

as @ 23082019 🤔

the new site for 'changetheworldnow.org is live and growing organically ❤️

here's a link 👍



you, are the difference make it happen now