what does it mean, 'to change the world?'

CFF will change the world

to give every human bean food and shelter is a simple goal. it is also very achievable. I have a plan, which I share at mycff.net (coming soon)

become involved, and we begin to change the world 'NOW'. it 'is' that simple

we can feed and house us all

simple strategies. giving back to 'everyone'. every instance of beginning, of growth, will be local. this is the revolution of evolution. a transformation begins as a wave of unity spreads across the globe. one common goal - to meet the needs of all without, so all, if desired, can nurture growth within

simple spacious housing

the energies of the earth are wholesome. to truly respect our home, is to preserve the sanctuary that it is. all the food we need, without destroying our god given home. to give freely of our time, that we may realise more free time, to grow in love and faith

one solution

promised by us, delivered by us. when every human bean has all they need to live here, peace will prevail. there will be no need to embrace error. even 'the Romans' recognised the true value, of mass tolerance 🙃

embrace the big picture

to see beyond yourself, is to realise a common goal, that will transform all our lives. we each become the spec of colour that creates the big picture. one of life, love, peace & happiness.

single love out-global love back

 radiate love into the world, and it comes back ten fold 🙃

freedom to create your own transformation through personal evolution.

the reward is total 

keep the faith 😇

mycff.net - communityfoodfunding.com (coming soon)


the global strategy, applied locally


your place, within the big picture

question ?

is this the first time in history, that all human beans get more out, than they put in, forever 🙃

it's good to belong

watch this space