LIFE-Keep It Simple Spiritual

invest in your belief and faith

acknowledge both your soul & your creator

a never ending journey of discovery

as children, we stand in awe of all that is, and give thanks. we are gods children, on the ride of a lifetime

to know, inside, is to feel love

unconditional, forever 🙃 grow your faith


I create what I speak

is it possible to create in this way? that's a question. it's all a question of faith. as you believe, so shall it be. be responsible for all 'your' creations

individual freedom

free will is, a god given right. exercising free will, is part of your journey. all life, deserves to be free. 

all judgement is distraction

judging others, avoids. inner reflection. judging yourself can lead to despair. learning from experience fosters growth. to err is human, to forgive is divine. 

attachments are the chains that imprison

attachments breed fear of loss. to be hooked in this world, is to be grounded in this world, it stalls the progress of your true self

it's all about you

to pause, at any moment in your life; to take a chance on true, unconditional love; to understand what faith 'is'; to embrace change, through action

to be awake

living in the past, denies growth. instead, accept change and go with it. living in the future, ensures love, life & happiness, is always, just around the corner. wake up, be in the now; effect change and grow

it's all about love 🙃

love yourself unconditionally

YOU, are responsible for everything, in your life. go forward in love. balance every action you take in your life, on unconditional love of yourself and others. you have the right to remove yourself from unloving energies, whatever form they take

love, is positive energy

recognise that love is THE prime 'energy', or force. to express uncontrolled energy, as in e-motion is good; but only when alone, so as to protect others. only project, positive unconditional love onto others


time truly is, of 'no' consequence. all there is and ever has been from the dawn of creation, is cause and effect. time is the 'yardstick' of human beans, for human beans

we are creative

create through expectation and embrace a reliance on god. talk to god, and create the reality of gods existence, within. belief-faith-love.

now. progress through experiences. aware, in the now. as you believe, so shall it be

acknowledge your soul

talk to your soul. communication acknowledges existence. awaken your true self and the interactions begin. souls, created the same as our creator, communicate through feelings. intuition is feeling something as right or wrong. recognise loving energy, avoid unloving energy (the energy of error).

people, books & houses

there are many messengers, each in some way, can ignite your true passions. but all paths, are chosen inside. true faith, is found within-born of self. feel god in your life, and every question will be answered. you can, feel the energy of truth, of error. you can feel the energy of love, and what is unloving !