it's all about mind-body -soul


mbs is a way to focus and effect change on, 3 areas. come on the course or download your guide.

a l a

here we find out about the importance of becoming more aware of the words we use in our daily lives. how they can negatively impact our life. and how to interpret and apply change to for the better

changes in the 'headspace'

as a 'master nlp' practitioner & 'clinical hypnotherapist', I have the tools to effect change within you, as you wish.

personal life coach

a life coach, on call? essentially, that is what I am offering.

Very Effective for the Busy You

feel like you're not who you should be?

sometimes, life can get in the way of being who you want to be. I can help you find yourself, and maybe more 🙃


the biggest Questions, are always  about "cost?" & "time"

- after 20yrs of alcoholism, 15 sessions of Hypno', then a further 3 Hypno' sessions with her GP, I helped this lady become booze free, after 1 session. then consolidated the session as she requested.

- over 10 years of poor sleep, 2-4 hrs a night. it takes its toll. after ONLY 20 MINUTES, the necessary work was done, and within days she was , and still is experiencing 6-9 hrs 'Every Night'

time-money-value....YOU JUDGE 🙃

ways that I can help

1 on 1 - on site 🤝

this is a residential component

here you can find peace & guidance

(full details to follow)

1 on 1 - remote 🤳🏻

3 options, for your convenience

face time - face to face is good - it's open, connected and fresh (Skype to)

telephone - I can call you,  when you need me

text msg - simple, and efficient

time is our most precious commodity

choose a personal service to maximise your success potential, in line with your needs and comfort level

Menu / Price List

if you feel an urgent need, email me 👍